Getting Old

By: William George

Jul 02 2015

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Focal Length:17mm
Shutter:1/400 sec

The only reason I ever came back to Korea was because I needed a job and I was really bored in Canada.

The job problem might just be a Maritimer thing. So might be the boredom. While Halifax continues to evolve from a grubby little port city to a retirement castle for wealthy returnees, it also continues to be small and poorly situated resulting in travel being relatively unaffordable. Hard to leave and little reason to stay.

Things to do and places to see need people. It’s impossible to build that when your population is slowly dying out. Like the rest of the former first world nations, it’s a greying society. If it weren’t for powerful people and powerful corporations hastening this death for their own short-term profit, the death of western society wouldn’t be the growing misery it is. A society of old people needn’t be a society of stillness. The end could have been pleasant. Like watching a sunset. Instead it’s like watching a car crash.

Korea is in the same boat but at an even faster pace. Most of the EFL industry still operates with the same fly-by-night mentality they had back in the 1990s: As if their hagown was another form of convenience store. I see little sign of adaptation even though aging demographics is putting them all out of business at an increasing rate. There’s no future in EFL here or in Japan, the two nations I feel the most comfortable in. If only China wasn’t such a filthy hole. I say that but the truth is that I’m aging out of the EFL market. Pretty good chance they wouldn’t take me even if I wanted to go there. It’s a job for the young and the interculturally married.

I was chatting with an old friend tonight about my trip to the hospital today. I pulled my toenail off of my big toe. It hurt like hell and bled a surprising amount. That’s all you need to know about it. She then surprised me with the news that she was sitting in a hospital (Some sort of Korean traditional clinic which sounded like a nice spa to me) while I we were talking. Her car got rear-ended by some jackass who wasn’t paying attention. The accident aggravated some old spinal problems that she had long ago worked through. I mentioned my own spinal stenosis. “We’re getting old,” she laughed.


This fabulous fungi was shot with an Olympus Pen E-P3 on a cliff overlooking the city of Halifax. I don’t do nature photography too often because ticks are nasty.


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