Two Girls One Seoul


These two young ladies were trying to cleverly get a picture of my white trash-looking self up in the Gahoe-dong area of Seoul last weekend. My ego rebelled at this because *I’m* the one who is supposed to take sneaky photos of everyone… all done under the banner of “art” and “street photography” of course. I smirkingly took their pictures as well and we all shared a good laugh over it which is better than the lawsuit threats you’d get in Canada.

I used a Pentax K-50 and I think it was set to p-mode because I can’t be bothered with zone focusing.

Boring site stuff: I like this theme but the comments code seem to be either broken or a pop up window and no one in their right minds allows pop up windows these days. I sure don’t. (Update: Think I got it sorted now.) I might actually try to stick to a schedule but no more than twice a week. While I literally have tens of thousands of images on file, I don’t have tens of thousands of images worth looking at. I’ll need to ration the good stuff out.

Back For Now*


The above image was the first shot I took with my then new Canon 30D. About a decade ago, I think. Making webcomics wasn’t as enjoyable an activity as I thought it would have been and I had always wanted to try my hand at photography. With everyone and their dog toting around $20,000 worth of gear in Seoul at the time and me having similar amounts of disposable income, it seemed like it was time to dive in.

City Hall is up from the Namdaemun camera shop I bought the camera at. Every summer they turn on the water fountains and let sweaty kids have a go in them. Like all children everywhere, your butt is an endless source for hilarity.

The watermark is for a long dead website. Ignore it.

*The new site title is both a mission statement and a blog theme. Still feeling around for how I’ll do things and what theme works best. Not sure how verbose I’ll be about it but this will be a single-image-per-post with commentary with that image. If I can either find the technical information in the EXIF or remember it for the film shots… Or can be bothered to do so… I’ll include for people who care about that sort of thing.



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